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1:49 p.m. - 2017-10-17
bumper sticker in the sunshine
So, I've been thinking I'm done with facebook and social media (except for Instagram, because it's so pretty and soothing, the methadone of social media -- and if I were on Twitter, could that be a pithy tweet? you can see the problem here--) but I've been finding facebook stultifying. Here, no one knows me, I'm not trying to impress, and it's more writerly, expressive if just as trivial. So I can write about how today, I was returning to my car in the Walmart parking lot and I saw this big hunk of a blue pick up truck. One of those newfangled pick up trucks, unfortunately, though not as bad as some of the newer models. It was a bright cobalt blue and there were two Trump / Pence stickers shining right off the bumper and I could feel my eyeballs swimming around in my skull and I said under my breath in an incredulous undertone to John "Oh look at that" and then the man of the truck looked at me from around the front of the truck where he had been returning his shopping cart. He was middle aged with salt and pepper hair and wearing some kind of vaguely retail-management type of outfit. Greyish blue button up short, worn out dark blue chinos. He was handsome. And I wondered about him...sort of tried to imagine drinking beer with him at some shitty bar, and then realized I was almost fetishizing the working class guy right and about to have some kind of romantic fantasy underway - But that was a lot easier to do before Trump, a lot easier - and I felt vaguely guilty and ashamed for almost having a sexual fantasy about a Trump supporter...but see,I could never say ANY of this on Facebook.


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